PADS is the People And Dogs Society, is a registered charity (non profit organisation). Until her recent death, our President was well known author and dog behaviourist Joyce Stranger. Our new President will be announced soon.
We aim to improve life for dogs by helping owners with problems and promoting responsible dog ownership. PADS is run entirely by volunteers and we fund our services through memberships, donations, and dog events and competitions.

Our Objectives

We believe that by educating and supporting dog owners, promoting responsible dog ownership and helping to resolve dog-related problems we benefit not only dogs and their owners but also the communities in which they live.

Our Work

Our objectives sound great in theory. But to acheive them in reality, we provide a number of services to groups and individuals. You’ll find more details about each elsewhere on this site, but here’s an overview.

Canine Advice Life Line (CALL)

We can find the answer to any dog-related problem!
This confidential telephone and email advice service offers all kinds of advice and information about dogs and can put you in touch with a wide variety of dog-related services, professionals and organisations. Our operators are available throughout the UK to answer calls and come from all fields of dog ownership. They will deal with any problem and if you need specialist assistance they will help to find the right person.

Code of Caring Leaflets

We publish a number of leaflets and fact sheets offering reliable, practical advice presented in a straightforward and often amusing way. Topics range from advice for prospective dog owners to dealing with separation anxiety. The leaflets are aimed at first time or novice owners, and we are happy to supply them to clubs, vets and breeders as well as individuals.

  • Educational Displays
    We like to get out and about and take our educational displays to shopping centres, galas and other public places. We are also accompanied by one of our advisors as often as possible, so we can give on the spot help and support to those with dog related problems.
    We mostly attend events in the Yorkshire area, since that is where our Committee is based, but can sometimes find volunteers in other areas too.
    If you have an event you would like us to attend please contact us.

  • This Website
    On this site we like to include a mixture of entertainment, advice and information. Here you’ll find full details of PADS news, events and competitions, along with dog pictures and cartoons. All of our advice leaflets and fact sheets are available to download along with many other articles. Most of the site is completely free to all, and you can add your name to our mailing list to enjoy monthly PADS updates delivered directly to your inbox. PADS members can access additional features through our members only area.

Who do we help?

We offer our services to absolutely anyone with a dog or a dog-related problem! Our ‘client base’ is therefore extremely broad and varied. You don’t need to own a dog to use our services.

The following are examples of the types of people who have used our services:

  1. People thinking about getting their first dog
  2. Dog owners dealing with behavioral or other problems
  3. Neighbors of dog owners who are being disturbed by barking dogs
  4. Children working on school projects about pets
  5. Television producers seeking information about dogs for future broadcasts

Our Results

The Code of Caring leaflets and factsheets are used by vets, breeders, dog training clubs, dog parlours, dog sitters and – of course – thousands of individual dog owners.

Our website receives 15,000 hits a year at the last count. This number is increasing steadily, demonstrating a growing desire for the information and services.

Our Canine Advice Life Line operators receive and tackle around 8,000 calls a year. As our advice lines are confidential we cannot give too many details, but what we can say is that with every resolved call there is often a happier dog, dog owner and, quite often, neighbors! Sometimes just small changes can make the biggest difference. Responsible dog ownership is critical to an animal’s happiness and prevents difficulties that may lead to a dog having to be re-homed.

And all of this is provided by volunteers.