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When I look back on my life I never really knew what I wanted to do for a living. When I was asked what career I wanted to do by the careers advisors at school I just didn’t know what to say. Despite this they still told me to go to university but in reality I just didn’t want to. I wonder looking back no whether the reason I didn’t know what I wanted to do is because it hadn’t yet been created at that point.

You see what I want more than ever is to make money over the internet from home. The thing is when I was at school there was no such thing as the internet. You cannot want to have a career using something that doesn’t exist. It does now however the question now is what do I do online to make my income? The answer I found was by reading a review of profit accumulator when looking at sites on making money for students.

After a number of years looking at how other people were making money online it seemed I had a number of ways to earn an income. Each had pros and cons. I have gone through the top ideas below as well as the one I decided to begin my online career with.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the first that I was able to find was affiliate marketing which is where you sell other peoples items. This is great if you do not have the money to buy stock or anywhere to store it but it isn’t without its problems. What basically happens is people find your site then click through on the products they like. At this point they go through to the merchants website. They actually own the goods and if they make a sale they give you a commission.

This may seem like easy money with no risk as you don’t ever own stock but you still need to get people to your site. Depending on what you are trying to sell you could use social media like Facebook and twitter but usually it means getting up the search rankings of Google. This is easier said than done with many trying hard and getting nowhere. It may also cost you as you attempt to rank your site.

Lead Generation

A variation on affiliate marketing is lead generation. This is where you get people to your site so that they fill in their details after requesting more information on something like life insurance or even a new conservatory. This is much the same as affiliate marketing although instead of getting a commission when something sells you get a payment when the person enters their details. In effect you sell the details to another company who sell it on to the company who will actually provide a quote.

The down sire to this is exactly the same as affiliate marketing; you need to rank high on the search engines and that means long hard hours and possibly a lot of cost before you make any income.

Selling on eBay

If you are looking for an eaier way to make some money online then selling on eBay is top of the list. It is a site set up for selling making it quite easy to list your items and with millions of users you would think that it will rake money in for you.

While it can sell really well there are some problems. Firstly eBay seem to take a fee every time you move so you end up needing to take a set amount before you manage to get any profit at all.

The site is also set up to finish at a set time which is very unlike a real auction. A real auction will keep going until there is only one person left. This is great for the seller as the price can keep going up for hours as it does with many other online auctions. Ebay however sells as a set time and that is it. It can cost the seller a lot of money. There could be plenty of people who are willing to go a lot higher than the ending bid but they don’t get the value the item deserves.

My Own Website

You could take it on a step and sell through your own website. That way you can set the price at what you think it is worth and people can take it or leave it. The down side to selling on your own site is it will take time and money to create the site and set it up as you want it to be.

You will also be stuck with the same problem that you gt from affiliate marketing and lead generation where you need to find customers. This can mean advertising on social media or on directories but this all takes time and money.

Matched Betting

The way I started out is with something that offers tax free income that can be done from anywhere you can set up a computer and at any time; Matched Betting.

Sic months after I started doing matched betting I went on holiday to Centre Parcs. I had wifi in my most wonderful apartment so in the evenings when we were done for the day I sat there and for 30 minutes I placed my bets. Although I couldn’t quite pay for the whole holiday I did earn enough to pay for a couple of nights out and a session with the laser clay pigeon rifle. I won in case you were wondering.

By the end of that few days I had earned some money while enjoying a holiday. It hadn’t as a result cost me as much as it would have normally and it was all risk free. Although I am not full time working from home I am way on my way to it.

If you are looking to make money from home I recommend starting like me by earning a second income using matched betting. You can find out planty more about matched betting at Simply How which includes posts on how to actually do it. It is risk free, tax free and a lot of fun.