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Everything you ever wanted to know about PADS and more – what we do, how you can help us, how to become a member.

What is PADS?PADS is the People And Dogs Society, is a registered charity (non profit organisation). Until her recent death, our President was well known author and dog behaviourist Joyce Stranger.

We aim to improve life for dogs by helping owners with problems and promoting responsible dog ownership. PADS is run entirely by volunteers and we fund our services through memberships, donations, and dog events and competitions.

PADS is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers in their spare time. We receive no outside help and we rely on donations from people just like you.  People who like what we do, and want to help us continue doing it.

PADS is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board so you can give with confidence. If you can make a donation, of any amount, please click the button. If you prefer to send your donation by post, this contact form gives you all the information you’ll need.

PADS MembershipAround 50,000 people a year turn to PADS for help with their dogs. Membership costs less than £1 per month and is one of the best ways to make sure we can continue to be there for them.

You can join on line, right now, by clicking here.

Then again, if you’re wondering who our members are, why you should join them, or what membership benefits we offer, read on

Can you help PADS in any of these ways … read on for details of all these and more, or just click the item that interests you.

Our Newsletter, PawprintsPADS’ newsletter “Pawprints” goes out to all our members three times a year, in March, July and November.
It contains letters and news from our members, Paddy cartoons, details of all our competitions, activities and events, plus dog related articles, reviews and more.

Our Trophy ShelfWe at PADS are very proud of our Awards, and would like to say “Thank you very much” to all those who have liked our site enough to give them to us.

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