• March 16, 2022


Sushi operates as one of the 나나알바 most popular and famous sushi restaurants in the UK. Sushi serves over 5 million customers annually and employs over 1,500 employees. The restaurant works tirelessly to get the highest quality ingredients.

Sushi officials make regular visits to vendors to make sure the food meets strict sushi standards. Sushi takes health and safety very seriously, and the chefs make sure employees follow company protocols. Sushi takes responsibility for the operation of the kitchen and reports to the chefs and general managers. Sushi usually hires managers with previous management experience, preferably in the hotel or restaurant business.

Sushi also offers headquarters positions in office support, finance, human resources and marketing. Sushi also offers event special menus, takeaway menus and airport menus. Sushi chefs/sushi makers usually offer full-time or part-time jobs in restaurants.

Previous experience as a sushi chef, sushi maker, Japanese cook, prep chef, line cook is very helpful to the success of this job. We are looking for an experienced sushi chef/roller/hand roller for our restaurant. We are looking for sushi chefs to join our team to prepare delicious and fresh sushi for our customers. We are looking for a highly qualified sushi chef who prepares sushi in accordance with food safety and health regulations and restaurant standards.

A special invitation for sushi chefs who want to improve their skills and have the opportunity to hone their craft under the guidance of Chef Kashiba and his team of Chef Kashiba. Sakesan is looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and hospitable sushi chef, sushi assistant and waiter to join our team, candidates must have a strong work ethic; ability to multitask; strong communication skills; teamwork skills; and have a passion for food, drink and hospitality. Assistance with sushi preparation and sushi assistants as needed.

Ensures guest satisfaction with the quality of food and service when communicating with the waiter assigned to the sushi bar for the shift. Report any problems with kitchen/sushi equipment or maintenance to the shift supervisor (MOD) and the head sushi chef. Informs the head sushi chef of available stock and immediately reports any problems with defective products or equipment. The responsibilities of the Sushi Chef include working with a wide range of raw fish and other ingredients, managing product inventory and working with attention to detail to ensure all orders are completed to quality standards.

Experienced chefs expertly prepare sushi on site and place the creations on conveyor belts. Sushi chefs are pioneers in our restaurant; rolling, cutting, platting and cooking each dish according to our traditional and innovative recipes. Our traditional Japanese restaurant has a nearly 50-year tradition of leading food trends and providing exceptional service.

If I work in Tokyo, I understand that I will be an “at will” employee. I also understand and agree that, with the exception of arbitration and optional employment status, my wages, hours, working conditions, work assignments and compensation are subject to change by the Company. without cause and with or without notice, at any time at the sole discretion of Shirasoni Restaurant or at my sole discretion. I authorize Shirasoni Restaurant to protect information about my background and experience from other employers, educational institutions, referrals and government agencies, and I also authorize such parties to share information about my background and experience.

I understand that, other than the President of the Shirasoni Restaurant, no manager, leader or representative of the Company has the right to enter into employment contracts for a certain period of time or enter into agreements that are contrary to voluntary work. Shirasoni Restaurant is an equal opportunity employer and selects employees based on qualifications. You must not rely on a conditional job offer from the Company or otherwise engage in any business based on a conditional job offer.

Job seekers can find both part-time and full-time jobs in a restaurant. Some foreigners swear that British cafes in Tokyo are open part-time, while others prefer faster places. English cafes have become more and more popular in Tokyo for some time now and are a great option for locals looking to brush up on their English. There are also companies that have agreements with restaurants and cafes to rent space for use as cafes in various areas of Tokyo.

In terms of scheduling, most places are pretty relaxed about the number of working days per week and free time. Part-time team members may receive paid leave based on the number of hours worked. Harney Sushi is a small (but noisy) kitchen, so being able to work on your own is a must. Eligible employees may participate in medical, dental, and 401k Ninja Sushi plans.

RA Sushi RA Sushi is a fast growing and dynamic restaurant located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thanks to the happy hour that put us on the map and the relaxed interaction with guests, we see ourselves as MORE than just a restaurant.

Soosh is a fun, upscale new family-owned sushi restaurant located in the heart of downtown Stamford, Connecticut. Sushi believes in a healthy lifestyle and refuses to include trans fats or monosodium glutamine (MSG) in any meal.

Harney Sushi, one of San Diego’s most iconic sushi restaurants, is now hiring full-time sushi chefs at its Old Town headquarters. Cook the New Japanese Tsuru – Ashgrove QLD Fast Apply A Japanese tsuru restaurant is looking for an experienced full-time chef. Ultimately, an outstanding sushi chef must work well under pressure and maintain restaurant standards during peak hours.